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Meraxes gigas by lord lavrahtheen (CC0 1.0)Maratus speciosus (CC0 1.0)Premna by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Aloe silicicola by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Podocarpus by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Senecio by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Coffea alleizettei by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Eriocaulon by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Kalanchoe by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Melicope by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Elaeocarpus occidentalis by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Mimosa by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Euphorbia alcicornis by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Xylopia polyantha by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Dombeya acutangula by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Cynoglossum by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Blechum by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Aspidostemon by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Begonia by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Terminalia by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Hydrostachys by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Cololejeunea aequabilis by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Aponogeton by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Myriophyllum spicatum by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Impatiens by Ferran Sayol (CC0 1.0)Nomascus leucogenys by Kai Caspar (CC0 1.0)Salmo trutta by Carlos Cano-Barbacil (CC0 1.0)Felis silvestris catus by Margot Michaud (CC0 1.0)Felis silvestris catus by Margot Michaud (CC0 1.0)Gigantopithecus blacki by Concavenator (CC BY 4.0)Crepis paludosa by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Gaurotes virginea by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Rhagio scolopaceus by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Cyanistes caeruleus by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Rhinanthus by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Fomes fomentarius by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Vanessa atalanta by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Haematopus ostralegus by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Hypogymnia physodes by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Aeshna mixta by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Neotinea lactea by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Anser anser by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Amanita muscaria by Wouter Koch (CC0 1.0)Choloepus didactylus by Kai Caspar (CC BY 4.0)Panthera leo by Gabriela Palomo-Munoz (CC BY 4.0)Psophia crepitans by Kai Caspar (CC BY 4.0)Hucho hucho by Kai Caspar (CC BY 4.0)Pitangus sulphuratus by Kai Caspar (CC BY 4.0)

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